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Benifits of Aircurtain 19 Mar 2021

Aircurtain Explanation

When it comes to commercial premises, maintaining a hygienic environment with the same temperature all throughout the day becomes a must. Similarly, it is also essential to keep the area safe from dust, insects & other foreign contaminants; all of this should be done by facilitating the free movement of Goods & personnel whenever required. Assembling doors might seem a right option but they do not satisfy the above-mentioned criteria as there is a loss of temperature whenever the door opens, additionally dust, insects & other contaminants can easily enter the premises.


Introducing the ‘Air Curtain’, a simple yet highly effective system which can be easily assembled on the entrances of any commercial & industrial premises. It works the basic laws of physics which restrict the flow of air as it tends to equalize the temperature & pressure differences between two points.


Air curtains were first introduced in the early 1920’s but later gained popularity in the 40’s & 50’s. Ever since then air curtains have developed a lot both functionally as well as technologically, modern day air curtains are even capable of not only maintaining the appropriate hygiene & temperature in the premises but it also saves on 80% of the expenses which are incurred on temperature control.

Technocrats is Pioneers and Core Manufacturer of air curtains in India, commercial as well as industrial. Over the past 3 decades & Technocrats manufactured & installed millions of Air Curtains, And rendered services to Pharmaceuticals, Food, Dairy & relevant industries in Pan India.


At Technocrats we are firmly committed towards the MAKE IN INDIA movement. Hence, a majority of our products are designed & manufactured in India; catering to the needs of our customers & providing them highly customized products which are built specifically for their premises, as per their requirements. We believe in building products which are not only highly efficient, cost effective & user friendly but products which are truly value for money rather than being a cheap alternative to compete in the market.



1)    Heavy gauge of MOC with required test certificates (SS, MS & GI Powder Coated)

(Seven tank powder coating process for GI Powder Coating)

2)    Specially designed aluminum impellers for more sustainability

3)    Heavy Duty / Flameproof motors are used

4)    Regular and On Demand sizes are available

5)    Provide Air Curtains for door height up to 18 feet

6)    Wall, Vertical & Celling mounting options are available


How does the Air Curtain works?

As shown in the diagram the air is sucked in from the intake vents & it is gushed with force towards the surface, this creates an invisible wall of air which effectively acts a barrier & keeps pollution, dust, insects & other foreign contaminants out of the premises due to high volume (CFM) of air. As shown in the graphical representation the air curtain also acts as a barrier to keep the room well insulated as it restricts the warm/cool air from entering the premises.


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