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Why washroom automation Is become a must in the 21st century? 10 Dec 2020

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What is Washroom automation?

Washroom automation largely implies automating the major processes related to washroom hygiene. Nowadays architects are mainly focusing on such automation's as they not only give a premium feel but they also help maintain top-notch hygiene with little to no human interventions. Automated fittings such as faucet, urinal flushers as well as hand dryers are revolutionizing washroom hygiene as many times the age-old practices were just not enough as they had several loopholes which lead to wastage of resources.

Why do we have to pay attention to automating the washroom processes?

As per the latest report shared by the Ministry of drinking water & sanitization, it is estimated that around 89 percent of the Indian population has access to toilets & washrooms. Considering that an average individual uses a washroom 5-6 times a day, we may almost end up flushing 118 crore litres of water on a daily basis. 118 crores of fresh water which directly goes down the drains, freshwater which could have been easily utilized for other purposes, freshwater which our country is really deprived of.

It is also necessary to consider that a majority of this wasted water is due to human negligence like leaving the tap running for long or even forgetting to check if the taps are properly closed before leaving the washroom. Similarly even leaking taps constitute to the wastage of water as we have no control over the leakage unless it is being fixed.


How can we solve this problem?

With the latest technological advancements in water conservation & usage monitoring systems, washroom automation is the key to not only save cost but also save our planet from the crises that we have created. Touchless technology & sensor-enabled fittings have revolutionized the way washrooms are being built in the 21st century

Washroom automation becomes the need of the moment considering the growing importance of personal hygiene during this global pandemic. We can consider washroom automation as an investment that bears long term benefits not only in terms of hygiene but also in terms of building a a sustainable lifestyle that protects the environment & also reaps monetary benefits. Due to its user-centric approach, it is also highly preferred by corporates as it focusses on the ease of use as well as the optimum utilisation of available resources.


How washroom automation works?

Washroom automation basically deals with automating simple processes in the washroom which were earlier neglected. We at Technocrats Hygiene Systems have a wide variety of products that can assist you in a complete washroom upgrade. Ranging from Automatic Faucets, automated soap dispensers right to automated hand dryers as well as sanitary napkin vending machines; we have got it all covered. Let’s go one by one through this array of products & see how they play a key role in washroom automation.

a.    Automatic faucets

A state of the art integration of technology & washroom hygiene, automatic faucets is the next step towards the touchless era. These faucets are specially integrated with a motion detection sensor with starts & stops the flow of water as soon as one raises his/her hand towards the faucet. This not only helps in keeping away harmful germs & viruses that one may potentially be carrying on his/her hand but it also serves a dual purpose of preventing unwanted wastage of water.

b.    Automatic Soap dispensers

Unlike automatic faucets, the automated soap dispensers also work using similar technology. Motion detection sensors are used to dispense the hand wash liquid in the precise quantity as programmed in the device. It is termed to be 100% safe as there is no contact point with the machine. This not only instils a sense of safety in the minds of the user but also ensures that there is zero wastage of resources which is generally seen in traditional practices.

c.    Automatic Urinal sensors & flushers

Many times we see that water is continuously being wasted in the washroom; a majority of times this happens when we flush or keep the tap running. To cater to this jarring need, we at Technocrats Hygiene have come up with an innovative approach. We have developed sensor-enabled flushers which automatically flushes the commode & urinals after it has been used. This also comes with its benefits of the touchless technology & precise water management system which is usually missing in traditional practices.

d.    Sanitary napkin vending machine

Catering to the growing need for personal hygiene, looking after crucial issues like the use of sanitary napkins is also of prime importance. Hence we at Technocrats Hygiene Systems have developed the automatic sanitary napkin vending machine; this can be easily installed in any washroom & the process is also simplified specially designed to cater to the masses.


e.    Sanitary Napkin Incinerator    

With 12.3 billion sanitary napkins being used every year, disposal of sanitary napkins has become a major issue. Plastic being a majorly used to produce sanitary napkins, disposing of them is really difficult. To cater to this need we at Technocrats Hygiene Systems have developed the sanitary napkin incinerator. A simple yet contemporary approach towards disposing of sanitary napkins in a convenient way; all you have to do is to drop in the used napkin in the machine, it merely takes 10-12 minutes to dispose of the napkin.


Washrooms used to be an after-thought in the design or building process. After all, it is not space where people normally linger. However, evolving design principles are now assigning greater value to the crucial role of safe, clean and efficient washrooms in maintaining harmonious shared space. As smart technologies continue to develop and advance in all facets of daily life, people can look forward to increasingly automated washrooms.

Should you invest in automated features and facilities? Definitely. As stated above, there are many benefits to an automated washroom for all stakeholders involved. But before jumping into any trendy technology, make sure to plan carefully and consult with a professional so that automation truly adds value to the washroom experience.

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