Tdh-8138d Dehumidifyer


TDH 8138d Dehumidifyer

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Strong humidification Immediately Equipped with high-efficiency compressor, excellent performance, rapid dehumidification, strong and thorough. Quick-drying like sunny Dry air flow, rapid circulation, drying clothes, no longer wet clothes in rainy days Smart design, running automatically Intelligent microcomputer, accurate and constant humidity control, power-off memory, high-efficiency defrosting, automatically Environmental protection cold coal R134a used, it does not damage the ozone layer, highly efficient and environmentally friendly.

TDH 8138d Dehumidifyer
Capacity 138LD (30 C,80% RH)
Rated Power 1500W
Voltage 220 V / 50HZ
Coverage area 1300sq ft
Net Weight 65 KG
Water Tank Indicator
Size 480 X 420X 1080MM
Model No TDH-8138D
Humidity Display Support
Defrost Mode Support
Drainage External Pipe
Refrigerant R410 A
Applicable Temperature
Water Tank