Tdh-8240 Dehumidifyer


TDH 8240 Dehumidifyer

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Strong dehumidification Immediately. excellent performance, rapid dehumidification, strong and thorough. Quick drying like sunny. Dry air flow, rapid circulation, drying clothes, no longer wet clothes in rainy days. Smart design, running automatically. accurate and constant humidity control, high-efficiency defrosting, automatically. highly efficient and environmentally friendly.

  • Capacity   240ml/d(30 RH80%)
  • Rated Power   55w
  • Voltage   DC12V
  • Coverage area   150 sq ft
  • Net Weight   2.16KG
  • Water Tank Indicator   Internal water tank
  • Size   309 X 194 X 135mm
  • Description   Home Purpose Residence & Office Use