Hand Dryer T-888

Hand Dryer

Stainless Steel Hand Dryer T-888

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1. High efficiency & economical operation with easy maintenance.
2. Fast drying hand in 10 seconds means less energy required and cost saving
3. Touchless & Automatic drying hands means hygiene
4. Stainless steel shell, easy to clean, to avoid cross-contamination
5. Environmentally Friendly, it can reduce the using of paper, so it can save more trees and protect the environment

  • Body Material   ABS White
  • Dimension   295*171*325 mm
  • Drying Time   <10Sec
  • Motor Rate (RPM)   25000
  • Air Speed   95m/s
  • Noice Level   75 db
  • Wattage   1450 Watts
  • Velocity   90m/s±5%
  • Water proof rating   IPX1
  • Material   Stainless steel (304G)
  • Power   1800w
  • Power Supply   220V/50Hz
  • Motor Type   Carbon brush motor