Hygiene Station HS-105 Hygiene Station HS-105

Hygiene Station

Hygiene Station HS-105

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1. The manufacturer and all products have CE International Quality Assurance System Certificate. It is designed for controlling the entrance to the production site to ensure proper hygienic conditions.
2. It provides hand washing, hand drying & hand disinfecting.
3. There is a horizontal and vertical brush for boot/shoe.
4. There are grating and hygienic mat at the bottom.
5. If any operation step is skipped, turnstile won't open. In this situation, all the steps have to restart again. 6. PLC Control System.

Hygiene Station HS-105
Weight 150 Kg
Width 93 cm
Electricity 220 V -1 Amp
Length 200 cm
Height 165 cm
Material AISI 304 Satin Substrate