PVC Strip Curtain

PVC Curtain

PVC Strip Curtain

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PVC material having outstanding see-through qualities which allow TM STRIP light to pass-through with minimum distortion but does not allow harmful ultraviolet rays to enter General Features. PVC Industrial Strip Doors can adapt to any kind of traffic irrespective of the TM STRIP frequency due to its excellent flexibility and visibility. PVC Strip Doors helps in saving energy through temperature retention and TM STRIP control of heated or cooled airflow. PVC Doors are manufactured with rounded edges to protect passerby against TM STRIPS sharp or blend edges.

PVC Strip Curtain
U V Stabilized Na
Temp Range Na
Chemical Resistance High resistance to corrosive substances including acids, alkalizes, alcohols & aggressive agents.
Fire Resistance its non flammable & self extinguishing
Thickness 3mm thick quality grade A+
Flexibility Index Na