Rotating Spout Faucet AC/DC Model No AT1BE-T12

Sensor Tap

Rotating Spout Faucet -T12

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Rotating Spout Faucet -T12
Description Na
Material of faucet Chrome plated brass
Sensing range 150 mm adjustable
Inlet / outlet 15 mm through control box with inbuilt solenoid valve
Flow rate 20 LPM
Auto shut off feature Auto shut off after 100 seconds of continuous sensing to eliminate water wastage in false operatio
Salt Spray Test 48 Hours
Hydro Static Pressure Na
Plating Thickness Na
Input 6 V DC through 4 X AA size alkaline batteries / 220 V AC through 3 pin mains lead - can be operated on either mode but connected to both, will work on AC and automatically shift to DC in case of power failure