TF 05 Automatic Concealed Urinal Dispenser

Sensor Urinal Flusher

TF-05 Automatic Concealed Urinal Dispenser

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TF-05 Automatic Concealed Urinal Dispenser
Description Automatic Concealed Urinal Flusher. Brass/Metal Solenoid Valve with Flow Control. Model - TF106
Sensing range 500 mm adjustable. Dual flush modes with pre flush of 2-3 seconds and post flush of 7-8 seconds.
Flow rate At 3 bar pressure for urinal sensor, flow rate is 20 LPM.
Salt Spray Test 24 Hours Cover Plate will include chrome plated ABS sheet.
Input 6 V DC Through 4 X AA size alkaline batteries / 220 V AC. Can be operated on either mode but connected to both, will work on AC and automatically shift to DC in case of power failure.
Deodorizer feature
Dimensions of front plate
Flow control valve Yes
Solenoid valve Brass/Metal material attached with flexible swivel. Coupling that can be de-installed / re-installed easily.