About Technocrats

One of the leading manufacturers & suppliers of hygiene products in India

It is rightly said that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. This is what we’ve experienced while building a brand that actually made a difference in people’s lifestyles, a brand that didn’t have to speak for itself, for the quality it offered, a brand which is highly appreciated in the domestic as well as international markets. Technocrats (Hygiene) had a very minuscule beginning just like every other startup. In 1986, the foundation for the company was laid down with its first manufacturing unit at Goregaon, Mumbai. Over the past three decades, it has surmounted several challenges and has grown up to heights which were once felt far-fetched to the common man. With our unique and innovative ideas, we started manufacturing air curtains, hand dryers & several other hygiene products and today we market them internationally. Keeping in mind the quote that reads “Customer is a teacher”, we’ve been moving ahead with a learning attitude, a well-established and professionally qualified team, committed dealers network and numerous loyal customers. This in turn became our strength & thus propelled us to attain new heights. Our vision towards innovating products and services is inspired by “Clean Idea, Green Idea”

Technological advancements were taking over the world but somehow it took really long for these advancements to reach the Indian Subcontinent. The ones that did, were sold at premium rates that only the upper classes could afford. Observing such shortcomings, the founders of Technocrats(Hygiene) decided to enter the realm of providing hygiene solutions to the Indian customers of all classes. With a visionary mindset, Mr.Ajit Khetle backed up technically by Mr Sandeep Kadam were able to achieve their unattainable dream of building ‘one of the best hygiene products manufacturing company’ in India.

  • Why Technocrats

    The key features that define our quality

    Over the past 3 decades, Technocrats hygiene has served several clients across various industries ranging from Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Shopping malls, Hotels, Hospitality sector, Corporate Sector, FMCG & More. Over these years we have delivered products that have performed beyond their expectations, all thanks to the quality standards that we have achieved over these years. Hence, we likely say that Technocrats Hygiene has become the benchmark of quality & the obvious choice when it comes to manufacturing & delivering hygiene products.

    • Uncompromised Quality

      Quality is one thing which we never compromise when it comes to manufacturing Hygiene products. All our products go through several quality as well as safety checks before it makes it to the customers. This thus ensures that only the best of the products makes it out to the customers.

    • Hygiene Experts

      Our journey in the domain of Hygiene has been one of the greatest teachers. In this course, to 35 years we have/ had encountered several setbacks & failures, but by only overcoming these failures & setbacks we have managed to reach upto this level. We now serve 20+ parallels of product lineup in various categories & the list keeps on updating with a new set of products every quarter.

    • Hygiene Guaranteed

      Performance of every product is decided by the level of hygiene it provides after it has been used by the end-user. This being said, maintaining high hygiene standards by every product that we deliver is a must. This is where the quality component of our product comes in use. Since the quality of our components were not compromised at any level, the performance of our products has also remained the best in the segment.

    • Experienced Professionals

      The assembly of the delivery as well as the assembly of our products is done by our team of professionals who are not only well trained but are also experienced in the same field. Most of them have been working with us for 15+ years.

    • Latest Technology

      Being up to date with technology has been the key reason why technocrats have earned its reputation in the market. Our team of experts constantly work on upgrading the products as well as coming up with new solutions to cater to the modern-day needs. This dynamic approach has helped not only to cope up with the modern age but also assist the society by providing them the products that they actually need.

    • User-Friendly Products

      Hygiene is a sector which caters to every age group. Hence, ease of use was the key criteria that we focused on while developing any product. The easier the product is efficient will be its use. Keeping these guidelines in mind, we have been designing products which are not only easier to use by an adult but they can be also easily handled by kids below the age of 10.

    • Customer Satisfaction

      With top notch quality, guaranteed results & the ease of use, Technocrats Hygiene has been able to satisfy several customers in the course of more than 3 decades. Be it B2B or the B2C segment, we have ‘n’ number of client testimonials which speaks about our quality.

    • 24x7 support

      Problems can occur at any point in time. To cater to such unanticipated circumstances, we at Technocrats Hygiene provide 24X7 customer support. Thus ensuring that no problem is left unattended & the end-user is not affected by the malfunctioning product.

Our Stats

Numbers that actually define our company

  • Satisfied Clients 1500+ Satisfied Clients
  • Value Derived in Crore Clients 50+ Value Derived in Crore Clients
  • Years of Experience 35+ Years of Experience
  • Qualified Employees 30+ Qualified Employees